What is Nibiru? Quick Look At This Mysterious Planet

By: David Veritas Contributor Profile | More Stories


Nibiru is the name given to a mysterious distant planet in our solar system, that has a 3,600 year orbit around our sun. Author Zecheria Sitchin hypothesized the existence of Nibiru after studying translations of ancient Sumerian writings from 6,000 years ago. Sitchin’s theory is that Nibiru once collided with a planet that had previously been on an orbital path between Mars and Jupiter, and that this collision created Earth, the Moon, and the asteroid belt. Also called planet x, this planet could also cause massive issues just from proximity by creating a magnetic polar shift.

Some researchers had predicted that Nibiru’s orbit would bring it close to earth again on December 21, 2012, and that its arrival would create catastrophic occurrences on Earth, causing the “end of the world” supposedly predicted by the Mayan calendar.

You can learn more about the Sumerian writings, Sitchin, and hypotheses about Nibiru and its inhabitants (the Annunaki) in the video linked to here:

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