The Truth About Nephilim in America ( Archaeological Coverups)

By: David Veritas Contributor Profile | More Stories


Below is a very powerful interview with David Hatcher Childress and George Noory  or Coast to Coast discussing Nephilm Archaelogical cover-ups including incredible egyptian-like temples, mummies and artifacts discovered in the Grand Canyon that disappeared from our history books.

They touch on certain artifacts that are found in civilizations around the world such as boomerangs and other items that typically would not be found in so many different far spread cultures unless some other culture had connected the cultures or transplanted them. What is intriguing is the photos and evidence of Giant Skeletons (8 foot 6 inches with Elongated Skulls) that are typical of the Nephilim and Anunnaki Aliens.

This very interesting documentary style interview walks you through the evidence found around the world and through out history that connects the dots between the Nephilim and Anunnaki evidence mostly covered up by modern Archaelogists:

Who are the Nephilim

Who are the Anunnaki

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