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All Seeing Eye of ProvidenceThe All Seeing Eye is also often referred to as the Eye of Providence. It is a symbol that is usually displayed as an eye that is surrounded by rays of light.

The rays of light are said to symbolize glory. Typically, the eye will also be enclosed in a triangle. One of the most notable depictions of the Eye of Providence is the reverse side of the United States dollar bill.

Many people interpret the symbol as the eye of God as it is watching over all of mankind. Conversely, others believe it is the eye of Satan or Lucifer who they believe influences and oversees much of the happenings in the world. Either way it is always correlated with control, and the powerful few overseeing and controlling the masses.

All Seeing Eye Illuminati Connection

The All Seeing Eye or Eye of Providence is a symbol that is commonly associated with the Illuminati. The Illuminati do not believe that the eye is the eye of God at all. Many believe that this illuminati symbol actually represents the eye of Lucifer and the supernatural power that flows from his control. This is also why satanic worship allegations are often associated with the Illuminati.

Often, the eye is found sitting on top of a pyramid. The Illuminati believe that the eye represents a top down control system.

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Here are images suggesting the Illuminati Connection:

The “All Seeing Eye” In Various Cultures

Christian All Seeing Eye
The eye can be traced back to both the Egyptian mythology and the Eye of Horus. Buddhist texts even refer to the eye as "The Eye of The World". In a religion called Caodaism, it is also commonly used to portray the image of God.

The All Seeing Eye of Providence also is prevalent in Christianity with the symbol showing up in artwork as well as adorning building and cathedrals.

Here is an example of the symbol appearing on the gate of Aachen Cathedral.

All Seeing Eye in Cathedrals

All Seeing Eye on Great Seal of the United States

All Seeing Eye of Providence Great Seal

All Seeing Eye of Providence Great Seal Draft

It was in 1782 that the Eye of Providence was first adopted to be used as a symbol on the alternative side of the Great Seal of the United States. 

Pierre Eugene du Simitiere, an artistic consultant, was believed to be the individual responsible for having suggested using the symbol on the Great Seal in the first place. It was first suggested as an element of the design to the first three design committees in the year 1776. 
All Seeing Eye Great Seal For United States 
A lot of people believe that it was not until it was adopted by the design of the Great Seal that the Eye also began to make its way onto several other American logos and seals. Some examples include the Sea of Colorado, the City Seal of Kenosha, Wisconsin, and the DARPA's “Information Awareness Office” Logo.

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Eye of Providence Freemasons Connections

In today's society, Eye of Providence is commonly affiliated with Freemasonry. Freemasonry is a fraternal organization or a fellowship of people all over the world. The very first eye appeared as an icon for the Freemasons in 1797 in a publication called Thomas Smith Webb's Freemasons Monitor. 

The Mason's interpreted the eye to be the all seeing eye of God as well. It served as a reminder to them and their people that both their thoughts and their actions were always being watched over by God. The Masonic version of the Eye of Providence has a semi-circular beam of lights that symbolize glory below the eye. Sometimes the eye is enclosed by a triangle as well. 

All Seeing Eye of Providence Conspiracy Theorist Beliefs

There are a lot of conspiracy theorists that believe that the Eye of Providence being used on top of the unfinished Pyramid on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States demonstrates just how much of an influence the Freemasons had on founding the United States. 

This is a theory that was dramatized in a 2004 Disney movie titled National Treasure. Despite these theories, some critics believe that the common Masonic uses of the symbol did not start to appear until 14 years after the Great Seal of the United States was created. Not to mention the fact that Benjamin Franklin was the only member of the design committee that was a Mason and none of his ideas were utilized. Of course, he might just be the only one history has let document as being a member.

Below is a video showing some of Eye of Providence Conspiracy views and instances of use in various cultures and mass media:

DARPA Information Awareness Office All Seeing Eye

DARPA "All Seeing Eye" In Logo

Many point to the Orwellian DARPA division logo for the Information Awareness Office to be a very in your face example of just what the symbol stands for. 

In fact, that is why so many people were outraged when the logo was released to the public and the project ended up being cancelled. 

All Seeing Eye in Popular Culture and Entertainment Industry

References to the “all seeing eye” have found their way into popular culture and many believe is evidence of the Illuminati influence in the entertainment industry. Many famous stars have been documented making the illuminati symbol for the all seeing eye with hand gestures, and some have gone as far as tattoos of the eye of providence in various forms.

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