Planet Nibiru NASA Employee Whistle Blowing

By: David Veritas Contributor Profile | More Stories


There have been announcements over the past few years from NASA scientists and former NASA employees pertaining to the possibility of the appearance of Nibiru, or some new planetary body sometimes referred to as Planet X in our solar system soon. There have been leaked Nibiru NASA pictures as well throughout the years.

Although most of the quotes and statistics actually attributed to NASA are general and do not specifically discuss Nibiru by name, taken together they can seem to be warning of the impending approach of cataclysmic events related to a mysterious planet’s approach. For some of anticipated ways Planet X can dramatically affect the earth as it passes nearby click here: Nibiru Effects on Earth

This interview with a NASA employee has a much more detailed accounting of evidence from back decades ago when people where still allowed to talk about phenomenon like this without the government keeping a lid on it. He talks about reading about this in a science magazine back in the 1960s and was estimated at traveling around 3500 miles per hour and has been picking up speed as it rounds the sun to reach break away speed to get back out into space when it goes past us. Many people believe that Nibiru's current orbit takes 36,000 miles to complete.

He estimated it is about 45,000 miles across and the NASA timeline for it to pass the earth is way off, it may be me much closer as it’s speed is probably speeding up.

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