Nibiru Orbit Current Coordinates and Effects On Earth

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Nibiru Orbit

According to Zechariah Sitchin’s study of translations of Sumerian mythology, the planet Nibiru, home planet of the Annunaki who manipulated man’s DNA eons ago, is on its way back toward our solar system. Nibiru’s orbit around our sun is described as a huge orbit that takes the Twelfth Planet 3,600 years to complete. Many people believe that 3,600 years have passed since Nibiru’s last catastrophic appearance in our skies, and are expecting similar cataclysms to occur on the Earth soon as Nibiru approaches once again, disrupting Earth’s magnetism with its incredible gravitational pull.

Here is a video regarding the possible orbit of Nibiru:

Nibiru Coordinates

Many people have attempted to predict the exact arrival of Nibiru in our solar system on its 3,600 year orbit, and myriads believed it would occur in December of 2012. Although Nibiru did not appear in our skies as predicted, there is still speculation about the precise coordinates of Planet X, and whether it is truly on its way. Not many have been able to come up with a way to estimate Nibiru’s coordinates, but new software related to planetary orbits and gravitational pull has made it possible to create animated estimates.

Here is a short video showing one possible trajectory and coordinates for Nibiru:

Nibiru Effects on Earth

If a “rogue planet” were to enter the inner solar system and move close to Earth, as Nibiru believers claim will happen soon, its gravitational pull would have profound effects on the Earth. The story told in the Annunaki Timeline in the book by Zechariah Sitchin describing Nibiru, one previous appearance of the Twelfth Planet in our skies was the catalyst for the Great Flood told of in the Bible. Many people also believe that as Nibiru approaches Earth, massive earthquakes and attendant Tsunamis will occur, and that it is even possible that the Earth will experience a complete switch in its magnetic poles, which would likely be a massive extinction event.

If you want some insight into what might happen if another large planetary body were to come near to Earth, watch here:

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