Nibiru 2013 Predictions and Today's Relevance

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Many people have attempted to predict the exact arrival of Nibiru in our solar system, and many had believed it would arrive in or around December of 2012.  This of course was a justified prediction based on the Mayan Calendar end of the world prophecy.

However, now that December, 21 2012 has come and gone, what is in store for us in 2013 and onward as many researchers still believe that Nibiru 2013 predictions are more relevant than ever and is overdue for it’s orbital return to our solar system.

Planet X Nibiru is thought to follow a long, elliptical orbit, reaching our inner solar system roughly every 3,600 years. This has raised concerns that Nibiru will either collide or have a near miss with Earth when it returns to our solar system. 

If a “rogue planet” or any massive heavenly body or star, such as a brown dwarf star, were to enter the inner solar system and fly-by close to Earth, its gravitational pull would have profound effects.  Even is there is a relatively “far miss” of our solar system, the gravitational changes alone could still occur in our system and cause considerable havoc. This could affect other planets and possibly even pull away our moon.

Many people also believe that as Nibiru approaches Earth, massive earthquakes and resulting Tsunamis will occur, and that it is possible that the Earth will experience a complete switch in its magnetic poles, which would likely be a massive extinction event.

Nibiru 2013 In Mass Media

In the latest Star Trek movie, “Star Trek Into Darkness”, Nibiru makes a cameo appearance that many believe was planted in the movie as a false flag of sorts in order to make people associate Nibiru with fantasy, versus reality.

Science fiction is believed to often be used as a medium to either acclimate the masses to new future technologies or to discredit unexplained events or events that may create mass chaos on our planet such as UFOs or, in this case, to possibly misdirect the fear and uncertainty about Nibiru.  

Nibiru 2013 Predictions

The latest Nibiru 2013 predictions seem to be centered around July 21, 2013, and some claim that NASA scientists have confirmed this date.

UFO Digest has reported that Clif High, developer of the WebBots, had predicted June-July 2013 as a possible date of a global coastal event, which was also predicted by Dr. Courtney Brown in 2010 by Farsight Institute remote viewing experiments.  Futurist Alfred Lambremont Webre has stated that both the WebBots and Dr. Brown’s predictions are referring to the effects of a 2013 brown dwarf star twin to our Sun, also commonly believed to be associated with “Nibiru” or “Planet X”.  Dr. Brown reports, remote viewers found a catastrophic 2013 timeline.

Whether this is true or not, at the time of the writing of this article, July 21, 2013 is just under 10 days from now, so the likelihood that we have not already started experiencing significant effects of the near orbit makes this “exact” prediction unlikely.

Another date that has been recently predicted after examining the reported miscalculated carbon dating on the Mayan Calendar is said to be December 16, 2013.

Regardless of predictions that might come and go, if we continue to experience increased frequency and strength of natural catastrophes on Earth in 2013 this could be an indication that there are gravitational anomalies in our solar system that could be indicative of Nibiru closing in on our solar system.

The American Meteor Society is also reporting a significant jump in meteor and fireball events from 2011 to 2012 and appears to be trending up in 2013.

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