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Nephilim Skeletons and Fossils have been documented or described in mythology in cultures around the world.  Some believe these giant bones are associated with the alien race of the Anunnaki while others believe they are fallen angels or the Nephilim or Nephilite giants referenced in the Bible

Nephilim Giant Skeletons

Nephilim Giant Skeletons

The Nephilim are giants believed to be between eight and twelve feet tall and sometimes described as being as much as 40 feet tall, who lived during the biblical times of Enoch.

There have been many reported bone and skull findings of Nephilim giant skeletons throughout the world, some have been proven to be a hoax and not bones or fossils while others are truly a mystery or believed to be the evidence sign of this ancient lost race.

Some of the skulls found, that many believe to be Nephilim giants, have been reported to have horns protruding from their skulls. Some believe this associated with the Devil.

Here is video showing Giant Skeleton Remains and Explanations:

Accounts Of Giant Skeletons Uncovered

Here are a few research accounts compiled by Disclose TV:

"very large" bones in stone graves found in Williamson County, Tennessee, in 1821. (The Natural and Aboriginal History of Tennessee), Haywood, John

An "ancient fortification" in White County, Tennessee, contained skeletons averaging at least 7 feet in length.

In the mid-1800s near Rutland and Rodman, New York. J.N. DeHart, M.D. found vertebrae "larger than those of the present type" in Wisconsin mounds in 1876.

W.H.R. Lykins uncovered skull bones "of great size and thickness" in mounds of Kansas City area in 1877.

George W. Hill, M.D., dug out a skeleton "of unusual size" in a mound of Ashland County, Ohio.

In 1879, a nine-foot, eight-inch skeleton was excavated from a mound near Brewersville, Indiana (Indianapolis News, Nov 10, 1975).

"A skeleton which is reported to have been of enormous dimensions" was found in a clay coffin, with a sandstone slab containing hieroglyphics, during mound explorations by a Dr Everhart near Zanesville, Ohio. (American Antiquarian, v3, 1880, pg61).

Here is a video documenting the Nephilim Giant Tombs in Ohio Valley

Nephilim Skeletons  ( What Critics Say )

The critics of nephilim skeletons say they are hoaxes or just abnormally large human skeletons like now today we have people that are extremely tall compared to the average human. Malfunctioning genes sometimes cause this.  But when you think in terms of 40 foot skeletons, this would be hard to imagine as just a misfiring gene.

Nephilim Giant Bones

Here is a video presentation discussing 12 Feet Tall Human Bones Found:

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photo source: justin paul walters

For some additions Nephilim Images : Nephilim Pictures

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