Latest UFO Sightings

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Latest UFO Sightings

Although UFOs have been seen in our skies for decades, and perhaps even in ages past, the latest UFO sightings are exciting because our ability to record what we see has improved dramatically in the past 20 years. Today, many UFOs that show up in our skies are caught by many different amateur videographers and photographers from many angles, so that we can get a better look and can be certain that the appearance of the unidentified object in the sky is not just an elaborate Photoshop hoax.

Latest UFO Sightings from June 2013

Here is a video showing some of the latest UFO sightings from 2013 that were caught on camera by many, and made the news worldwide:

Newest UFO Sightings 2013 From Around The World

Many of the newest UFO sightings have been recorded by NASA space station cameras, news cameras, and amateur photographers, adding an astounding amount of evidence from many witnesses to show that there is definitely “something out there.” What these unidentified objects in our skies really are, nobody has yet been able to explain. Just this year, there have been several well-documented sightings that have not been debunked by experts, adding to the mystery that surrounds UFOs.

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For a look at the most incredible UFO sightings recorded in the past couple of months in 2013, watch:

Recent UFO Sightings from 2012 Possible Wormhole

Recent UFO sightings have been reported from many locations around the world, and many of them are being caught on camera. The term “UFO” could be used to describe these events, but what are they really? Can these odd lights in the sky and unnatural cloud formations be natural phenomena, or are they some sort of military weapon? Are they related to the US government’s High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)? Or are they, as many believe, the activity of alien beings who are visiting our planet for unknown reasons?

Here is a short video showing what looks to be a portal or wormhole in the skies above an arctic facility. This phenomenon remained in the sky for over an hour, and was witnessed by several people:

Current UFO Sightings From 2012

Unidentified Flying Objects are showing up in the skies worldwide, in both daylight and the dark of night, and many are being sighted by more than a few people. Some areas of the world are known for a greater-than-average number of mysterious occurrences, lights in the sky, odd sounds, and sightings of strange creatures. What is the cause of these current UFO sightings? Are these “UFO hotspots” some sort of alien “weather station” or cover for hidden technologies?

Here is a video showing current UFO sightings at one such hotspot, Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico:

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