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False Flag

False Flag is a term used to describe an organization that covers up their identity to make it appear that another organization is acting as the owner of the operation. Its origin comes from the naval warfare term where ships would disguise themselves by hoisting other flags on their ship to fool their opponents. This worked to gain the trust of the opposing ship and ultimately overtake that ship with very little warning.

Even though the term originated during a war setting, it is often used by businesses and political campaigns to gain feedback from people by acting as another company. 

False Flag Definition

The false flag definition can also be described as covering up a true identity by taking on the identity of someone or something else. Politicians can get an idea of how voters may perceive a candidate by disguising themselves as a marketing agency. This will gather much more information than if a candidate’s crew called voters and asked themselves. Companies will also take part in this to disguise themselves when something negative may happen that gets placed on the news.

False Flag Conspiracy Theories

False flags are often used as the basis of many conspiracy theories. Many believe that some attacks that happen in the US are in fact false flags to create fear to push a particular agenda. This type of event is part of the Hegelian dialectic strategy of control.

The latest conspiracy theory or false flag is the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013. Although there is real evidence as well as real casualties that prove a bombing did happen during the Boston Marathon, however conspiracy theorists believe the bombers were aided in coordinating the attack to create a state of panic, in order to push more controls on liberties such as gun control or surveillance.

To watch a video about the false flag allegations of the Boston bombing, go here:

False Flag Operations

There have been many reports of false flag operations conducted by the US government during various times in history. This normally takes place oversees where there are wars being waged or wars are planned to be waged. Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea are all places where these attacks have reportedly been staged to create fear and chaos.

Many countries blame the US for acting as a “big brother” trying to help a country’s citizens, while attacking them. Others believe there are staged attacks on US interests or allies, prompting public opinion to support going to war with the offending party.

Here is a video showing 17 Alleged False Flag Operations:

False Flag Attack

A false flag attack can be done at any time. What signifies it as being a false flag is when the owner of the attack is disguised making it look like someone else had done it. Many cybercrimes are done this way. A person or organization will place a virus on a company’s technology allowing data to get into the hands of the wrong people. The virus will show up being from one place, but with further investigation it may be showing another location of origin. Cyber attackers use these false flag identities so they will not get caught.

To view other forms of alleged false flag attacks watch the video here:

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