What is Enochian Magic? History, Ceremonial Magick, and More

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What is Enochian Magic?

Enochian magic is defined as ceremonial magic that is based on the re-creation of various spirits. It is a system that is based off of the 16th-century writings of Edward Kelley and Dr. John Dee. The two men claimed that their writings, which revealed the Enochian language, were delivered to them directly from different angels.

Here is Brief Introduction to Enochian Magic:

For the purpose of convenience the entire system of this ceremonial magic can be broken up into three different structures. These three structures include Zodiacal, Planetary, and Elemental. The differences between these three structures are not completely clear-cut as the three structures are connected to each other.

John Dee Enochian Magic

Enochian magic was made extremely popular thanks to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Its popularity was primarily thanks to the writings of Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers. It wasn't until the Golden Dawn that Enochian magic became wel known. Unfortunately, the knowledge and information provided about the ceremonial magic system was someone limited at the time because it was based on just one of John Dee's diaries. It was actually the Golden Dawn that added the planetary, elemental, and zodiacal structures that were not in the original magic system.

Enochian magic is an extremely complex and complicated ceremonial magic system that requires a lot of dedication and rigorous studying. Unfortunately, several parts of John Dee's original manuscripts were lost throughout history. Due to this loss there have been a number of varying interpretations of this magic system that has come into play. This has resulted in a number of different variations of what the system means and how it works. Many experts and scientists agree that without the original manuscripts of John Dee no one is every really going to understand what this magic system is or what the intended purpose of this system may have been.

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