End of the World Biblical Prophecies

By: David Veritas Contributor Profile | More Stories


Many people have prophesied the end of the world in cultures around the globe and throughout human history. As December 2012 approached, many doomsday believers expected the end of the world to be a series of cataclysmic events foretold by the Mayan calendar.

Others look to prophecies in the Bible, and point to natural disasters and changes in the social and political climate of the world to show that the “End Times” described in Revelations are upon us. Some even believe that the world will end when a hypothetical “12th Planet” or “Planet X” orbits too closely to the Earth and disrupts the Earth’s magnetism as the result of magnetic polar shifts, creating devastating worldwide volcanic eruptions and tectonic plate shifts.

The end of the world, no matter which belief system is discussing it, is expected to involve global natural disasters, mass extinctions, and in some cases the obliteration of the Earth itself.

For a better understanding of the Christian Biblical prophecies of the end of the world, watch this video:

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