Drones for Dollars - What Some States Are Really Thinking!

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With Drone estimates ranging from 5,000 to 30,000 by the year 2020 flying over our skies, what is the major driving force that has states signing up to be test sites? Money!

It is no mystery most people are nervous about drones patrolling our skies, even our state politicians and government officials are cautious when it comes to allowing drones to record everything they see, but in the end, the all mighty need to extra finances will prevail.

The FAA will authorize 6 test sites where drones can be fully tested. Their data recorded and researched to assist in perfecting the technology for full deployment. Not surprisingly, 37 of our states have applied to host a test site because where the tests sites go, the investments will follow on a grand scale. California has even taken steps to provide tax breaks to drone manufacturers who setup shop in the state. Of course, California is looking into a privacy bill to protect against drone surveillance... insn't that an interesting conflict of interest.

Other states have followed similar paths but most know that winning the test site contest means getting the lion’s share of the money and creating a small monopoly in the market of Drone manufacturing and surveillance.

2013 will be an interesting year indeed. At least we have learned most states are more interested in the all mighty dollar than the privacy.

Source: IDGA

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