Billy Meier UFO Photos and Predictions

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Who is Billy Meier?

Billy_MeierBilly was actually the nickname given to a farmer named Eduard Albert Meier. He lives in Switzerland and is the source of a multitude of controversial UFO photographs. Billy claims that these photographs are proof that he is in direct contact with extraterrestrials. In the 1970's he even presented metal samples, film footage, and sound recordings as proof of extraterrestrials.

He claims that his very first contact with extraterrestrials occurred when he was just five years old in 1942. He states that he was contacted by an elderly extraterrestrial named Sfath. He also claims that he remained in contact with this extraterrestrial until 1953. He claimed that his contacts continued with a woman named Asket from another universe. He said that after eleven years of silence he was contacted by a woman named Semjase who was the granddaughter of Sfath.

Here are photos of his most famous Wedding Cake UFO Photo:

Billy Meier's Predictions

In addition to claiming to be in constant contact with extraterrestrials Billy Meier also made a number of astonishing predictions in 1958. He predicted the existence of a "pocket telephone" and that marriages would turn into being more about money and less about love.

He also predicted that the number of divorces would increase as more and more husbands and wives would become unfaithful. One of the other more interesting Billy Meier predictions was "plastic money". He believed that there would come a time where money turned into plastic in the form of a card.

The fact that so many of Billy Meier's predictions came to be astonishingly accurate leads many people to wonder if the predictions that he has made were not the only thing that he was right about. While there are plenty of people who thought he was just a big bag of crazy. There are other people that wondered if maybe there was some truth in the other worldly being he was in contact with. Could they be responsible for the extremely accurate predictions he had made?

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