Anunnaki Aliens in the Hebrew Bible???

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Nibiru Connection in Hebrew Bible?

Some interesting similarities can be found between key stories in the Hebrew Bible to stories found in the Ancient Sumerian tablets. It is also interesting to point out that these Sumerian tablets are carved or clay imprinted, not easily altered by history as with paper or papyrus based works such as the Bible.

Nibiru Anunnaki in Hebrew BibleAccording to Zecharia Sitchin’s translations of the Ancient Sumerian tablets, the Anunnaki arrived on Earth in ancient times (450,000 years ago by some accounts) to mine gold needed for their home planet Nibiru’s atmosphere which was being depleted.

Anunnaki and Hebrew Bible Human Creation Story

One of the more interesting similarities found between the Hebrew Bible and these ancient Sumerian tablets is the reference to human creation.  The Sumerian story goes that to help the Anunnaki mine the gold they created a slave race of humans. This resulted in the creation of the first “modern” human beings when they genetically mixed their DNA with prehistoric man. These first human beings are called: “Adamu” which is translated as “first man.”

Many researches tie correlations between the “Adam” and Eve stories of the bible with the genetic manipulation of humans by the Anunnaki referenced as “Adamu.”

It is also interesting to note that Ancient gold mines have been found in numerous locations around the world. In some African cultures the native word for star means bringer of knowledge or enlightenment.  Zulu legends talk about a time when visitors from the stars came to the planet to excavate gold and other natural resources. These stories also spoke of mines that were worked by artificially created flesh and blood slaves created by the “first people”.

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